Your Secret Weapon

Helping you make better decisions today, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Untangle everything

We’re your team of problem solvers, number crunchers, and data analysts – and together, we uncomplicate the complicated.


Getting to know the ins and outs of your business. Making sure it all adds up.


Taking care of the numbers, so you can take care of everything else.


Identifying what’s holding you back, to help push you forward.

Advisory Services

Putting the wheels in motion, and keeping your business on track.
Numbers tell stories

What are yours trying to tell you?

Connecting the Dots

Find out where you are now, to get where you want to be

1. Listen

When the numbers talk, we listen.

2. Learn

Doing the math, finding the answers.

3. Tell

Telling the story in a way that makes sense.

4. Act

Helping you write the next chapter.

Stand out from the crowd

Everything we do begins and ends with a close relationship.

Make good decisions, in good time

The world moves fast, and so do we. We’ll help you act decisively, when and where you need to.

Leave your competitors in the dust

Finding weaknesses. Spotting opportunities. Gaining competitive advantage. There’s a reason we call ourselves your secret weapon.

The world moves fast, and so do we. We’ll help you act decisively, when and where you need to.

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Our Customers Love Us

Antega is awesome! This is my first time owning a business and she has been great in setting up the sales operations and finance & accounting side of things. Pricing, financial statements, collections, tax payments were not anywhere on my radar. Having her expertise and teaching spirit has been a blessing. I look forward to working with her and highly recommend her services.



Excellent and seasoned professional team. Antega has saved us a significant amount of time, and resolved previous clerical mistakes that helped to decrease our tax liability and improve our view of revenue and profit. Will continue to do business with them and definitely recommend.


Owner, President

I thought I was hiring someone to manage my book keeping monthly but what I got was a team of people that are committed to me succeeding and helping me feel secure in how my finances are managed. I’m beyond impressed with what they have taught me and the importance they have given my business. So happy with my decision to work with Antega! Best decision I’ve made.



Trust & Certification


With decades of experience under one roof, we’re a team of problem solvers, change makers, number crunchers, and data analysts.

Ready to Rock?

Find out what your numbers are trying to tell you.

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